The Value Of Fluorspar

The U.S. Department of the Interior lists fluorspar as one of 50 Critical Minerals and metals vital to our country. As is the case with many critical minerals mined overseas, America’s reliance on foreign sources of fluorspar poses a threat to both our economy and our national security. Fluorspar is an essential element used in many of our country’s industries, such as the production of electric vehicle (EV) batteries and the manufacture of steel, aluminum, and semiconductors. Fluorspar is furthermore a major component in the manufacturing of cement, gasoline, fluorine chemicals, uranium, enamels, glass, and many other manufactured products.

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U.S. Energy Independence & Environmental Sustainability

Recent geopolitical events have reinforced the idea among American citizens, our representatives in local, state, and national governments, and national leaders in both the public and private sectors, that America’s abdication of our ability to mine, process, and refine certain critical raw materials is a trend that must be reversed. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed major weaknesses in global supply chains and distribution infrastructure. Most importantly, it quite pointedly showed that we have allowed a few producers to monopolize many of the raw materials and finished products that are the most critical to America’s productivity, impacting our overall defense and global market stability.

These monopolies also give some countries an asymmetrical influence in markets and have reduced the ability for many countries to develop more sustainable operations. Due to the massive increase in demand for electric vehicles, there is a much greater need for better performing batteries. Fluorspar, as the mineral source of fluorine, is not only a key ingredient in many types of lithium-ion batteries, but it is also under evaluation as a potential upgrade from lithium-ion batteries themselves. Recent research indicated that fluoride batteries have the potential both to last eight times longer than lithium batteries and to be more stable over the batteries’ lifetime.

Enabling Our U.S. Supply Chain

The United States was the world’s leading supplier of fluorspar throughout the first half of the 20th century. However, as the result of a change in trade policies in the early 1980s, American Industry sources’ of fluorspar shifted to foreign suppliers, eventually creating our dependence on foreign producers, particularly China and Mexico. As is the case with most of the minerals on the Critical Minerals list, this created leverage for these foreign governments and introduced logistical risk that has become more apparent during the pandemic and the ensuing supply chain disruption.

We believe that one of the most powerful ways to secure America’s economic and political strength is to renew our domestic exploration and supply of these important natural resources. Every day, Americans are reaching for products created from minerals like fluorspar. Today there are very few permitted, operating fluorspar mines in the United States.  Our unique American FluorsparTM brand is produced from a mine owned by an American company!

American FluorsparTM

American Fluorspar is being mined and sold by Eagle Minerals West, LLC, a joint venture of The Eagle Group, LLC, a company based in Atlanta, GA, with a diversified investment portfolio that includes mineral and mining companies, real estate, and conservation easements, and Resource Development Group, LLC, based in Nevada, a mining and mineral processing firm focused on EV and battery metals and minerals.

Our company leadership includes:

Ron Reeser – Founder & Managing Partner of The Eagle Group
Neil Paine – Chief Financial Officer of The Eagle Group
Mike Cook – Head of Operations
Mike McCandless – Director of Business & Geological Development
Troy Johnson – Director of Mining Operations
Brandon McCandless – North American Sales & Marketing
Ron “RT” Edwards – Director of Marketing

“The Eagle Group has seen the need for the United States to become more self-sufficient in the area of clean energy, and we recognize the fact that what is good for the United States as a country can also be good business. It is for these reasons that we decided to invest in fluorspar mining and why we bought the rights to Blowout Mountain.” 

– Ron Reeser, Managing Partner

   The Eagle Group

The Blowout Mine

Blowout Mine is a well-known mine located in the western desert area of Utah. This area produces beryllium, zinc, lithium, uranium, manganese, and fluorine-fluorite (fluorspar). 

It is one of the very few mines in the United States that is capable of producing high-quality fluorspar in commercial quantities, and it is uniquely positioned in the United States as American-owned and -operated.

Strength Through Domestic Supply

As the United States turns to cleaner energy sources, it is critical that we own the raw materials of and the means of manufacturing these clean sources of energy. The rising demand for fluorspar came as a surprise to the U.S. and much of the world. Supply had exceeded demand for years until the demand spiked with the increased demand for electric vehicles and lithium-ion batteries.

Improvements in the production capacity of formerly large, foreign fluorspar producers have also led to an increased need for a more developed American domestic supply. China, for example, is expected to become a net importer of fluorspar in 2025. “Strength through domestic supply” is the foundation of America’s path to a stable, prosperous future. It is because of this belief that we are so excited to offer a truly American alternative for industries seeking a reliable fluorspar source.

Fluorspar In The News

Securing a Made in America Supply Chain for Critical Minerals

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The Eagle Group has a wide range of alternative investment opportunities. American FluorsparTM is the branded product name being mined and sold by The Eagle Group, an Atlanta, GA-based company with a diversified investment portfolio that includes mineral and mining companies, real estate, and conservation easements. Click the button below to learn more.